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Location: Residence- Hunters Mountain, Waco, TX

Target Pest: Mosquitoes/No-see-ums

Problem:  Client hosting an outdoor evening wedding reception.  There will be about 200 people attending and we would like the backyard to be lit with clear mini lights.  We heard you did that kind of thing for holiday lighting and wanted to find out if you could do a special event. 

Also, since we will be outdoors and serving a full dinner buffet, we want to know if you could had a way to keep our yard free from unwanted flies and mosquitoes during the pool party/reception.   


Solution: Trunk wrap large red oak in center of back yard with clear mini lights.  Include 7 “icicles” of 20’ vertical mini light strands hanging from various places in tree canopy.  Wrap deck railing and fence along pool and back yard with clear mini.  Apply barrier spray the morning of the party to the reception area and surrounding foliage to deter biting insects and flies during the party.

Testimonial: I want to thank you for the great job you did for our reception.  Everyone was blown away.  The big red oak was a real crowd pleaser.   We used the remote you installed and turned it on as people lined up for the buffet set up on that deck.  You worked so hard and we all appreciate it.  It was fantastic not to have bugs buzzing around our food and mosquitoes biting.  

People stayed outside all night.  We will definitely call you before our next pool party!

Best Regards,





Location: Residence, Lake Air, Waco, TX

Target Pest: Mosquitoes

Problem: We are hosting a Cotton Palace party in our backyard but the mosquitoes were so terrible that our guests would not have been able to enjoy our beautiful landscape, let alone spend any time outside at all. Our backyard backs up to a park and a wooded area and the mosquitoes seem to attack you anytime you go outside.  The system needed to be installed quickly to make the date of our party. 

Solution: A Mosquito Mugger representative came the day of the party and applied a barrier with a gas powered fogger for immediate results and an automatic mosquito misting system was installed around the perimeter of the backyard for long term coverage. The grandkids even swim at night now and our dog even seems relieved without all the mosquitoes around.

Testimonial: Mosquito Muggers was able to install a system quickly and professionally.  I love my remote and the fact that its hands off for me and they take care of everything.




 Location: Residence, Chimney Hill, Waco, TX

Target Pest: Mosquitoes/No-see-ums

Problem: We are installing a deck and outdoor entertainment center and can’t sit outside at all due to all the mosquitoes.  We’ve tried spray, candles, and bug zappers…nothing works. 

Solution: Mosquito Muggers assessed property and installed an automatic mosquito misting system around the perimeter of the entertainment area along the gutter line of the house and deck.  It was also determined that there was much vegetation below the deck near a drain creek and that nozzles were needed along the fence line and along path below deck. 

Testimonial: Mosquito Muggers was able to install a system along with the landscape company so it was built into our landscape budget.  The kids love the remote and I love the fact that they take care of everything to make sure it is running like it needs to.  

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