Mosquito Muggers is making a cool impression throughout the Heart of Texas. We design, install, and service outdoor cooling, cool misting fans, and cool fog effects for residential and commercial applications, plus rentals. Imagine an outdoor living environment 10-30 degrees cooler. Our outdoor cooling systems are designed to provide cooling without wetness. Our system combines high pressure pumps and ultra fine mister jets to reduce outdoor temperatures with "Flash Evaporative" cooling. Our equipment is engineered for hot and humid climates, utilizing only "marine grade" components designed for Texas' high humidity.  


Consider these facts:

  • The water cools the air, extracts the heat, and evaporates, so you never feel WET!
  • We use high pressure pumps, variable speed fans, misting rings, and ultra fine nozzle tips.
  • Natural Concepts incorporates the principles of "Flash Evaporation" cooling to achieve the most efficient, effective results.



MOSQUITO MUGGERS offers several options that achieve the ultimate in outdoor comfort.


  • High Pressure Mist Cooling System - Provides a process called “Flash Evaporation”.  Flash Evaporation removes heat in the air and evaporates the mist BEFORE anything gets wet, this will provide a reduction in temperature and allow the comfort needed by using our high pressure pumps (1,000 psi) and industrial grade Ruby Nozzles which helps break the water droplet into a fine particle mist (measured in microns).
  • Flash Evaporative Mister Fan  - This popular system is widely used at theme parks, outdoor restaurants, and now for residential use. We use a fully encased fan that is powder coated with a high gloss finish. Attached to the fan is a nozzle ring, holding 2 or more ultra fine nozzle tips. This system is HIGH pressure, LOW volume, and draws less than 1 gal/hour/nozzle.
  • Mistscaping and Pool Fog  - These trendy features can be added to virtually any waterfall, water grotto or pool area. Mister Mosquito Misters can create a "fog effect" in any location, integrating several "fog" or misting nozzles into your existing landscape or built into the coping of your pool. Combined with professional lighting, this can be the ultimate enhancement of your outdoor area.
  • Vegas Style Mist Curtains  - These effective barriers can always be added to any of the systems described above. These can be flush mounted into wood and stucco ceilings, awnings, tiki huts, landscaping, pools, patio ceilings, docks, and tennis courts.
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